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Daniel Wolfe on How Technology is shaping the Enterprise today

[This post by Abhay S. Kushwaha is taken directly from the Net Solutions blog]

As organizations are trying to build a global clientele for themselves, their challenges have increased in parallel. Some of the major concerns that have come to light are storing this huge amount of data and ensuring easy and safe accessibility for the widespread team. Maintaining the analytics to help in the decision making process in the later stages; is also a major cause of worry.

Hence, in order to find a solution to these increasing issues Enterprise technology came into existence. In simple words, it is a software platform build to ease the work process and also fit in with other similar applications, such that the knowledge sharing and solution finding is smoother in the entire system.

Daniel Wolfe, Director of R&D IsaiX Technologies has been our client since five years now. And when he showed interest in sharing his knowledge on the topic of ‘Technology in the Enterprise 2015’ everyone in Net Solutions keenly gave ear to his views. Dan, as we fondly call him is now a familiar face in Net Solutions and as he walked into a full auditorium we were expecting an insightful session and indeed it turned out to be one.

Here are some components from the session, which will throw some more light on the fast transforming world towards a digital phase. As we got to take a closer look at some newer concepts, Daniel, an expert in research, had brought along with him inferences of studies carried out by leading agencies.

For instance, according to a report by Gartner, in 2014, 31% of global Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) spending was from companies $1B or above in size. This also implies that ERP systems and similar such enterprise solutions have become reasonable even for SMB’s and smaller enterprises, which means more players, increased competition and more solutions to meet varying demands.

Latest Trends in Enterprise Applications

Coming to the ongoing and upcoming developments in the field of Enterprise Applications, one just cannot help mentioning these:

Consumerization and EaaS

As Daniel introduced us to the concept of EaaS, the curiosity of the listeners increased. Well, if you too are thinking like us that it is some new model like SaaS and BaaS, you too are in for a surprise; EaaS is simply ‘Everything as a Service’.

In the words of Daniel, “Consumer-driven apps are lot more in demand. We as consumers are always looking for apps that make our life easier and enjoyable. Leveraging consumer data is easier on a macro level, however the problem is that all the data is in silos.” Mobility with the ‘appification’ of businesses has slimmed down opportunities right into our pockets and if you are not innovating according to consumer application requirements, and stuck in the traditional enterprise methodologies you are fast approaching the black hole.

Speaking on the topic of design meets function, Daniel simply echoed the fact that User Experience (UX) is dominant, complete usability means no involvement of training for the user. Traditional enterprise design is fusty; if you are moving towards digital you need to embrace the power of cloud, and make use of the unlimited smart devices around you.

Bring Your Own Device better known as BYOD

Based on a study by eBiz over 75% of all companies employ a BYOD policy. Companies are giving up the traditional desktop environment and fast accepting the mobile way of working on the go.

The most obvious questions related to the Bring Your Own Device concept were put forward from the audience’s end too.
“What about the security issues in the BYOD model?”

Our speaker had an equally interesting answer to these queries, “There have been flaws in everything in its introductory stage and these are overcome only after a period of time.”

Simply put, even the Smartphone that we carry in our pockets can easily be lost and your data is at risk; as it might have happened in the earlier stages but now we have understood the situation and adopted security related measures accordingly, for instance these days your Smartphones also come with a biometric scan.

Improving Your Networking with Social

We are no more working in silos, in order for a team or for that matter an organization to work in harmony it is important that they stay connected with each other at all times, even on the go. Social tools help us in amassing information easily, there’s good amount of knowledge sharing and the best part, the upper level management can access information that is complete, and you don’t lose time in the compilation process.

For a more detailed understanding of the power of Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud, read our blog on SMAC.

Remote and Virtual Workplaces

As Daniel introduced us to ‘Eddie’ the discussion grew even more fascinating. Now Eddie, who works for a Portland based Ski Company known as Snowfun, actually stays in Southern Arizona, a place where you just can’t find snow.

So, how does Eddie work?

Well, Eddie makes use of a unified communications provider. He has a landline, a mobile phone, and a laptop with a webcam, running Amazon WorkSpaces that combined with SugarCRM, Office 365 with SharePoint, and OwnCloud used by his company Snowfun, makes his job a cakewalk. And guess what his customers have no idea that Eddie doesn’t stay in Portland.

Now to break the suspense to the readers Eddie is just a figment of imagination as is the company Snowfun, yet the best example to explain what a virtual worker is and how easy technology has made it for us to have remote workplaces.

The New BYO concept

‘Build Your Own’ software (BYO) has proved to be a better approach than spending on any off-the-shelf software, for some enterprises. A methodology Daniel really appreciates and it has proved useful to him and many others. The two critical considerations one needs to make when taking up this approach are, leveraging Big Data on the micro level and taking a consumer approach when building software for enterprises. Read this case study on Burst App for a better understanding on BYO


Amongst some of the interesting points brought forward by Daniel in the session, there was ‘gamification’ too. It helps create content, also empowering your employees to represent their brand in their personal lives.

To sum it all this speaker opened our eyes to a whole new system that is coming up as a result of the interaction of technologies and the fast changing world of enterprise applications.




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