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Become Bill 25 Compliant

Ensure you meet the standards as outlined by the government of Quebec

Vulnerability Assessment

Scan your internal and external IPs at the frequency of your choosing

Executive Report

Generate executive reports that are understandable and meet your needs

Penetration Testing

Red Team penetration testing simulates real-life attacks with 2000+ exploits



Accessible Cyber Security

Cyber security shouldn’t be difficult to implement. Our team will deliver your cyber assessments in a way that you can understand and in a format that is presentable to your vendors, clients, and industry regulators. Let us be your Trusted Third Party cyber partner and we will fast track you to a mature cyber state.

We Provide a Complete Security Package for your Online Business

We utilize our proprietary compliance tracking application to deliver scan results so all your audits can be centralized in one place.


We’re a Team of Cyber Professionals around the World

Allow our dedicated cyber advisors to check in with your company on remediation timelines and strategies. Our 1 on 1 approach guides your network or development teams towards the right security solution through daily or weekly coaching sessions.

Our Expertise

We deliver assessments on your most sensitive infrastructure to keep your business reputation and competitiveness flying high.

Vulnerability Auditing

We first sit down with you and discuss your company’s acceptance of risk versus specific cyber threat scenarios. From there we develop a risk profile that forms how deeply we will scan your assets. Scanning of internal and external facing IPs is conducted using a practical approach, by dividing the assessment into 6 major cyber security categories that your business relies on day-to-day:

Operating Systems – Databases – Wireless Systems – VoiP Systems – Web Applications – Network Systems

All vulnerabilities will be recorded in a basic table format for remediation and as an executive report to supply to your stakeholders. If needed reports can be customized at your request to include or exclude results currently under remediation.

Our dedicated team of advisors can walk you through the severity of your vulnerabilities and the remediation tactics we suggest.

Penetration Testing

Assessing vulnerabilities by their own will give you a solid picture of your weak spots but it won’t show you how deep they can be exploited. This is where penetration testing comes in to give you the full picture.

Our Red Team will simulate attacks via tailored exploits to demonstrate what data cybercriminals could extract in a real-life scenario. Their methodologies and any sensitive data exposed will be recorded and remediation strategies will be given to you in a report.

Before our simulation beings, our team will work with you to scope out the sensitivity of your systems, whether we are targeting internal or external assets, and to make sure we do not impact your live services.

For the best comprehension of your weak spots, Penetration Testing should always be paired with our Vulnerability Audit. Our initial risk acceptance discussion will indicate which exploits our team will use and the intensity of our attack simulations.


We support common compliance frameworks to assess your business’s complete security and operational controls.

 ISO 27001 – NIST 800-53 – PCI DSS – HIPAA

 If certification is required, our partners in compliance can assist you with a certification program in conjunction with our assessments on a yearly basis to monitor your application of compliance controls.

We support regional compliance directives. If your compliance needs are specific to your regional laws we can customize our assessment model to fit the criteria. Some of the regional compliance directives we support are:

PIPA (Alberta), Bill 25 (Quebec), PIPEDA (Canada)

Why Choose Us?

Since 1989, IsaiX has developed operating systems in highly regulated industries including Financial Banking, Pharmaceuticals, and Commercial Janitorial Services. The sensitive nature of the data we housed categorized IsaiX as a Tier 1 provider for our clients, with multiple recurring security declarations asked of our company to monitor our security controls.


Challenge inspires us to innovate

The impact of emerging cyber security needs of our clients inspired our curiosity on how we could make cyber security more accessible and easier to digest for SMEs. Together our team agreed there are three critical areas being routinely scored by stakeholders on a business.


We get straight to the point

A company needs to consider at all times, how many vulnerabilities are impacting your data, how do your defenses survive against attack, and what are your operational controls to deal with your weaknesses. Whether you work with our cyber advisors or vulnerabilitiy technicians, we want to find out the security aspects that your business needs in order to thrive. We care about making you stay competitive and be ahead of change.